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6th Gen emblem badge rings/overlays

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Was wondering if anyone's had any luck finding emblem badge rings, specifically glossy black ones, or full emblem overlays with glossy black rings anywhere? Having a pretty hard time finding anything without chrome.

I also saw that the 2019+ foresters may have the same size emblem so anyone by chance have any luck buying that badge ring and fitting it on a 6th gen legacy?

Thanks in advance!

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I think this will be the stock one.  OP is looking for black.  For the WRX for example has a bunch of aftermarket support and we still had to get a WHOLE badge to get a black ring. 

If you're looking to only do a chrome delete you'll probably need to use black vinyl. I like Vvivid, but there are plenty of brands out there.  You could see if the WRX and Foresters have the same sized badges...maybe someone on the forums has both? 

Either way I don't think you can buy JUST the ring, especially not in black.

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