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Camaro vs Mustang

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Camaro is being discontinued, so maybe last year on the chassis will hold value longer?

Besides the insanity of aftermarket parts for the LS versus any other V8 platform that exists?

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I was very much enamoured with my LS1 Z28.  Had it for 17 years.  The new ones are not LS platform anymore.  The 6.2L is an LT1 or LT4, again same as the Vette.

Bringing the Camaro back as an electric is blasphemy.  Just as much as a Corvette SUV. 

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Should’ve done my research. I was under the impression still that there is some crossover on aftermarket parts between and LS and LT, but that’s a bit irrelevant.

I’d personally go for the Camaro anyway, but that’s coming down to taste in the end. Never driven a modern version of either.

If you get one, can I go for a drive along? 😜

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Seems that way, yeah.

I’m in one of the remaining cities that still has an automotive manufacturing presence, so we’ll see how that goes.

Either choice will be great I’m sure. Both very capable V8s.

Getting tired of turbo AWD?

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Every change on a turbo requires tuning.  Gets tiresome having to baby the car across town to the tuner, not to mention pricey.  

I definitely prefer a naturally aspirated rumbly powerplant.  :)

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