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Any Chance of ressurecting a Canada listing for region?

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I know we're massively outnumbered, and it's *huge* geographical area, but there could be some merit in even having a "Hello, I am so and so and "where ya to, where ya from" kind of thing on the site.

I've messaged with and met a couple of other Legacy owners by looking at their profiles online and just happening to notice they were from my neck of the woods...

Recognizing the regional folders don't see too much action, it might not get anyone too far ahead, but if it doesn't cause any significant headaches, it could be worth the effort.

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Could maybe have two sub categories for east and west?  There are plenty of us in Ontario, and when I was looking for my LGT a few years back there seemed to be a good number of them in BC and Alberta....

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Sure, that could work just as well. I'd be much less likely to buy used parts from BC, just because of shipping, tho it would be neat to chat with folks from out West.

I'd be willing to bet there are more Subarus in Quebec than the rest of the country put together, but the language barrier probably mean that for the most part they're on their own forum somewhere in French. On a business trip to QC not long ago I met like 3 turbo Subaru owners at the place we were visiting, and one was an '06 OBXT. None had head of LGT.com, but were pretty involved in the Subaru community it seems....

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