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Oem paint matching

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Anyone ever tried to match oem paint or found a vendor who decently matched? I’m not talking about the touch up pen either (already have one), I’m talking about buying a quart and spraying with a gun. Found a few places online but I’m weary to just buy and try if someone else has found somewhere/someone who offered a decent match. I’ve got some rear view mirrors that are scratched up pretty well and also wanting to get some spats, but I’d like to re-spray prior to installing on the car. 
Edit: my car is RBP

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I've used paintscratch.com a number of times in the past for paint - usually in a rattle can, though - looking at their website, they offer paint in pint, quart, and gallon size (as well as a couple of small bottle sizes) as well.  If you are just doing a couple of mirror scalps, I'd go with a rattle can (they sell kits with various primers, clears, etc.)  - I think a quart would be way more than you'd need to shoot a few small parts

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Yeah I’d prefer to do rattle can as well, that is one of the places I have been looking at. I’ve got a HVLP paint sprayer at home that I have sprayed some interior panels with in the past, but that was for SEM interior paint that did not need to be to be mixed like a 2 stage paint for car bodies. My real concern is the tint matching as well as having the pearl flakes already pre-mixed in. I know pearl is more of a two stage paint just because of the nature of pearl colors. I would be doing the two mirrors and a grill so I think a rattle can will be enough.

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