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Power Steering Pressure Switch

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This thread is for documenting whether the power steering pump pressure sensor is serviceable on '05 - '06 Legacys.

While removing my power steering pump for an engine rebuild I snapped the bullet connector off of the pressure sensor as well as the connector. When I went through the parts catalog, I saw neither of these parts were available for '05 - '06, though the connector is available for '07 - '09 (P/N 34433AG020). Further, the sensor itself is not available in either of those years, but was (discontinued) available for '02 - '03 WRX's (P/N 34433FE010).

While randomly searching for "power steering oil pressure sensor" I came upon a couple that looked like the one I removed.

  1. Duralast Power Steering Pressure Switch PS611 (link)
  2. Echlin (NAPA) Power Steering Pressure Switch ECH PS315 (link)
  3. Standard Power Steering Power Switch PSS27 (link)

The first link from AutoZone says that their sensor's thread is M14 x 1.0mm. The thread on my sensor is confirmed to be 1.0mm but I think the diameter is 13mm, but the difference is small enough for me to try. Besides, everything else looks like a dead ringer for the same sensor. You can use 2004 Nissan Sentra as the vehicle to search for this sensor. I'll update this thread in a few weeks to update on results. I figure even sharing an unsuccessful result will be helpful to someone in the same quandary.




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In my experience, Subaru's either need their power steering pump replaced because it's leaking, or they already have had their power steering pump replaced because it was leaking.  Looking at your pump in the background, you're the former. New pumps can come with the pressure switch.

While a used pump for $50 could get you by if you break something, it's such a crap shoot, the one you get could be worse than the one you had.  A new one with pulley and sensor from rockauto is $163, Subaru is triply proud of theirs at a back breaking $550.

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