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Where's the BtSsm-Bluetooth adapter app threads

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Where have these threads gone?






I've used these links for several years and now the result is


"No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"


Using Search for the title keywords, doesn't bring up these threads.


Have they been deleted for some reason?

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The admins very recently removed all of the Gen-specific “archive” forum sections, and thus nuked like 80% of the entire forum, which is like 15-20 years of Legacy info and history. I have no idea why they did this (to “speed up” the forum gets tossed around a lot, even though the forums load times have never been an issue) and god hopes they backed it all up and plan to re-up it somewhere else.


Also check your total post count. Bet it dropped by more than half (I went from 3-4K to 600). Really frustrating tbh.


Check your post

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That is disappointing! The BtSsm thread(s) had many posts responding to"how to" questions related to the app, and others had ideas on mounting and building-in, etc. This is all "knowledge base" that would seem to now be lost.


Probably also explains why my searches for other information related earlier models that probably had many posts, now results in few if any results.

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