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Paint Chip Repair Questions

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I ordered my Dr, Colorchip kit to make these shall chips go away. I was going to purchase a small dremel tool https://www.dremel.com/us/en/p/3000-1-25-f0133000az to assist with removing the rust and a little more paint to get all the rust out.


How much area should I remove is my real question? Should I worry about getting back to the metal until I don’t see rust, or I am opening a real bucket of worms and making the affected area worse?

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Well, ideally you should get all the rust out before painting over it or it will continue to grow under the new paint.


You can do this mechanically, chemically, or a combination of both.


I would probably get as much rust out mechanically with sandpaper or that dremel, but only within the chip.


Then get a q-tip and dab the chip with rust converter to convert any remaining rust in the chip. I would avoid getting it on the paint around the chip as converter is acidic.


After the converter dries as per instructions, then I'd do the Dr. Colorchip repair.

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None in particular, just go to Home Depot and ask where the rust converter is, they should have a lot of choices for that.


Get the smallest size as you will be dabbing at the chips with a q-tip so you wont be using much

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lol cool I googled rust covertor and my head almost popped off at all that was availiable ..lol.. and then I saw they yea the smallest size is what I wanted I dont need a gallon! ..lol..
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For most auto applications I see people use POR-15


I don't know how suitable something like that would be for trying to repair small chips/scratches. There won't be any room in the recess for the paint when trying to repair using Dr. ColorChip.

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