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Is "archive" gone?

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For real, the entire batch of archived sections seems to be gone unless I’m blind. That is *so* much Legacy history and info just straight up gone. Site speed be damned, keep the threads.



They were saying old classifieds threads were dumped. Sounds that wasn't accurate after all :mad:

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They nuked all of the Gen-specific “archive” forum sections entirely. Hundreds of thousands of posts gone out of the blue, countless valuable information threads and virtually all documented Legacy history. It almost seems like they didn’t even realize it because I can’t find an official comment about it anywhere, and “to speed up the forum” is horsesh*t, the forum’s load times in the entire 6+ years I’ve been using it have never been an issue whatsoever.


Seriously hoping they backed up all those sections, because if not, they just seriously crippled the next generation of Legacy owners and the longevity of the Legacy into the future as a whole.

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