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JDM engine install 2010 GT

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Starting a new thread. My old engine has no compression on cyc 4 so I'm going to swap in a JDM engine.


Anyone have a tutorial? Parts list for gaskets or anything new?


Preferred JDM supplier?





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I got a service manual, that part is cheap and easy.

The info on the web is really scattered, but it seems there are so many difference with the JDM, that it's not as easy as swapping on harnessing. Given my failure (Burnt #4), the cost of a head rebuild was close enough to the JDM, that I decided to go with the head rebuild and avoid a research project on the JDM.

I never saw anyone that has done a direct swap for a 2010-2012 LGT with a JDM. I'm super curious if anyone has done it.

The rest of my engine work is captured here: 


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Well we (son and I) successfully did it. Bought an engine from the JDM Engine Zone in NJ ($1300), drove and picked it up in person. Checked it out while still attached to the trans. Looked good, had same turbo (my main concern). OK'd it but then walked away while they removed the trans (I didn't need it and it was auto anyway). Mistake, they must have used a forklift to separate the two. Many bent broken parts (they don't guarantee anything but the long block, everything else is "free"). Didn't notice until I got it home that they put a hole in the left rear timing cover (cost me an extra day and some custom tooling to pull the cam pullies off to replace it). Thought I'd have lots of "spare" parts but found they broke most of them in the process (coil packs, etc.).

Ended up swapping the old intake over, the wiring harness on the new looks like it would work but the main disconnect plugs were in a different location and would have taken more work to untangle it all. The gas lines have different ends and would not directly connect US connectors. The auto trans JDM engine didn't have an oil cooler (warmer?) and mine was all rusted out so just deleted it. There was an extra coolant line that I removed and plugged.  The water pump that came in my new timing parts kit would fit but had the outlet on an angle (think I ordered the wrong kit so not a JDM engine issue) so reused the JDM one. The JDM right rear timing cover didn't have timing belt "anti-jump off" bracket, didn't realize until I had the new timing chain and components in and was putting the front cover back on. Wasn't going to undo all that so just ignored it, apparently auto trans engines don't have/need it. Had to swap what I think was the temp sender from old engine over only because of the connector (fast on tab vs screw down) because I didn't want to cut into the wiring.

Engine started right up and runs fine, no CELs. Did clutch at the same time but reused flywheel, mistake, it chatters, will repull engine and put in a new one.

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Well done! If I had seen this before I did my heads, I might have gone this route! I don't have a local JDM option here in Colorado, so would have to rely on shipping.

Did you swap over the Cams sprockets and all sensors as well? Or just use the JDM ones?

Any differences in valve covers? I've heard they are different and you need JDM seals, not USDM. 


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Nope, did not swap the cam sprockets (used JDM) although we did need to remove the left set to replace the rear timing cover. Bought the special tools to hold the other cams in place. Did not do anything with the valve covers, didn't dig down that deep, just swapped the intakes over, reused the old gaskets.

Wouldn't worry about shipping next time, all the damage was done at JDM engine zone, wasn't much left to break other than the turbo. Shipping wasn't all that expensive.


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