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Shipping my new car


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I had a great experience with Brad (the owner), from KVB Auto. I shipped my car from Texas to Washington (2300mi) for about $750 total. $600 to the truck driver, and $150 to KVB for taking care of the logistics. He quoted me at $750, it ended up costing $800, but Brad ate the additional* $50 because of the original quote. Super honest guy, and he'll take the time to explain everything and answer any questions you have. This was 2yrs ago, so I'm not sure how much the company has expanded since then, but he's the one that picked up the phone when I called looking for estimates.


Brad, if you ever find yourself on the LegacyGT forums, I said 2yrs ago that I shout your name over the hills and across the hollars, so I'm doing my part :lol: And will continue to! Thanks again, sir!

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Man, car shipping actually is the best. I was working hard and managed to save about 60 000 dollars, so I decided to buy a classy car. I was searching for a few days on the internet, but I couldn’t find the perfect one in my state (Oregon), so I decided to buy the further situated cars (was going to get there by plane and drive it to my house). I finally liked one but this car was in South Carolina (!). I was frustrated that I had to waste such a big period of time, because I wanted to spend my vacation in another way. So I ordered shipping from the company above and I was totally satisfied. They have these updated technologies with GPS, so I always knew where my car was at the moment. Really, the best service Edited by DalaValhala
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