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2013 Legacy clicking sound under load

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Help needed! I have a 2013 Legacy premium 2.5i n/a FB25 engine. I am hearing some metallic clicking sound coming from the engine when it gets hot and under load, like when climbing a hill or changing speeds on the CVT. While stationary it does not sound like that even by revving the engine, so it is not and exhaust shroud. I have always used the manufacturer recommended oil and fuel octane. Apparently it is a common issue for some Subaru engines. Please, If anyone has a solution to this problem let me know.
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Are you hearing pinging/pre-ignition/knock?


It could be carbon built up causing hot spots etc.

Run UEC ?


Have you got the option to run even higher grade fuel ?


Another option is get a tune for the car to enrich AFR and pull timing if needed.


Maybe see the dealer and ask if there is an update to the ecu from Subaru released via TSB for your car related to ping.


Check outback and WRX forums for similar cases with the FB25, could find other ideas that way.

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I'd agree with the suggestion to try higher-grade fuel- run a tank of premium and see if you notice a difference. The factory engine map on these cars (and probably every modern car) is tuned for peak fuel economy, which means you might get some pinging under load. The ECU is capable of adjusting timing when it sees knock, so you shouldn't be in danger of blowing anything up, but it's still less than ideal. Higher octane fuels are more resistant to detonation, so if you run a tank of 91 or 93 through it and the sound goes away, it's safe to say that's the issue. Mid-grade might be enough of an octane boost to help, too, and it's cheaper than premium.
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Believe it or not other than the heat shield, the ball bearings inside the axel rubber boot can cause that click specially if it's only while moving. It could be that boot and grease went bad. I know it sounds crazy but is 100% legit. Check it out


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