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[TN] Stromung, Prodrive, AVO, Etc.

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Located in West TN, prices do not include shipping.


2. Legacy STi Front Strut Brace - $150

Nice STi front strut brace, some paint worn off, does it's job well. Just won't fit with the Grimmspeed TMIC.




4. Mishimoto TMIC Hose - $35 (basically new)

Installed on the throttle body once, then realized that I had another good one so I couldn't return it. Basically new, comes with clamps.




5. Manzo (eBay) axleback (never out of the wrap - $150

I needed the mid-pipe for a different axleback and this was the easiest way to do it. These are the mufflers from an Manzo catback off eBay. Never installed or even unwrapped.




9. Prodrive P1 17x7 ET52 by OZ Racing - $600 + shipping

Pretty rare, in really good condition.

I have two center caps, two have broke from fatigued plastic.

The Michelin AS-3 tires are low tread.



************ SOLD *****************


1. 1 of 10 Stromung catback for wagon - $650 - SOLD

A unicorn of sorts for Legacy wagon catbacks. 1 of 10 from a group buy several years ago. Highly doubt any more will ever be made. I added a HFC to the mid-pipe. I love the look and the sound, one of my favorites as they don't drone on the highway. I found a set of Ganador titanium mufflers and like the sound just a little more and am personally partial to the twin large exhaust look on the LGT wagon over the more german quad exhaust look. If I had the room I would keep these (will probably regret selling them), but I just can't hoard all the parts. :lol:



3. Grimmspeed TMIC Splitter - $75 SOLD

Bought from a forum member as I didn't think I would be able to get a Grimmspeed TMIC used that included the splitter (but I did). Took it out of the wrapping for a picture, I've never installed it.




6. AVO TMIC - $200 - [sOLD]

Ran it for 3 yrs, one of the BOV holes was stripped; I rethreaded with a tap/die. Probably best to set studs in so that they aren't stressed, but I used one min grey sealant and never had a leak.




7. Stock 2005 Steering Wheel - $50 - [sOLD]

From a 2005 Outback, should fit 05-07 Legacy/Outback

Leather is in good (not perfect) shape.



8. '08-09 Steering wheel wrapped w/ blue stitching $125 SOLD

Bought from someone else on the forum because I couldn't find a DAMD, which I stumbled on two weeks later. Thicker than a standard wheel due to the additional wrap.


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