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I have a new 2021 Subaru Legacy XT Touring along with a few other Subaru's a 2019 Ascent and 2006 Subaru Outback sedan. I am being told I cannot use the key fob combinations of pushing buttons to remote start the car without the remote start being installed in the car. I ordered my 2019 Ascent without the option and I'm able to do so. I believe it is a programming issue, does anyone have ideas about this? I have Starlink and my Subaru on the 2 newer cars.
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How do you like the starlink remote start? My '22 XT Touring Legacy was arriving this weekend to my dealer and I opted for that instead of the fob.


I've used and prefer the app. Sure you have to pay for the service but I like the ability to have the options to set my climate control being in California vs the fob.

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