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New member, new car on the way. Tuned by STI


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Personally not a fan, but it’s still a sharp looking car. I think (and I may be soeaking for more than myself) that seeing folks like you get cars like the tbSTi wagon kinda lets us live vicariously through you! Lol. Also see a lot of want in that place. That yellow Evo is callling…personally not a fan of the Bimmer, but if the back end were a little longer it might look a little sleeker. I’d be interested to see how it drives with the bi-turbo, I’m sure it’d be a blast. Good luck with your search!
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It doesn’t help that high octane (99 RON) that it needs, is now the equivalent to $11 a gallon over here in the UK. Running something nice as a daily is becoming quite expensive.
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Yes it is…not nearly as bad here but definitely getting expensive. It to the point I’ve started driving my 1985 Chevy S10. 2 barrel carbd V6 that barley uses 87 octane. Not nearly as fun but much cheaper. Will that Bimmer do better as far as gas mileage? Another member from on here has a newer BMW wagon that seems to do much better on gas…
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