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Driver side mirror unit help


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I need to replace the passenger housing mirror unit. I ordered part number Subaru Genuine 91036AL21A Mirror but that one doesn't match my cars connections but the Subaru place told me that was it. I was replacing it this weekend and noticed that my old mirror case had 5 connectors and the new one 91036AL21A only had 3. I can't find no other part number that would match my current mirror. Car is a 2015 Subaru Legacy Limited, eye sight, mirror has spot light, heat and has blind spot detection. I tried looking on Subaru oem parts web site but I can't find the one I need. Anyone know which mirror unit has has the wiring for all these?




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Go to subaru parts and use your vin to find the part. If not nor if you want to buy a new side, you can purchase new end connectors and wire and make new connections. Subispeeds YouTube has some wrx sideview mod videos to view but expect to route wires into the sideview view audio wire harness video for basic on poke and warps
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