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Passenger Side valve cover hose

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Well they are two different sizes. I just got ones from the dealership. They weren't expensive and mine lasted 150k with no cracks. For the guarantee they'll fit, it's worth the couple bucks.


I'd guess the smaller one is 1/2 and the larger is 5/8 but I can't confirm this.



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Those are the ones you need. That's full retail. Grab the part numbers and get them from subaru parts deal or heuberger or wherever. Even at the roughly $30 it isn't exactly breaking the bank. Unless you want to change all vacuum lines to silicone, I'd just get the oe. Cheap vacuum lines from the auto parts store have thick outer wall diameters and are difficult to cut and measure and bend and recut.


I didn't like the ones I had to use. Either get a bunch of silicone and do it all. Or get oe imo.



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