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About to go Nuclear... maybe I'm missing something

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Well it's Sh*tty sunday funday. I headed down in myn 05 gt to work on the spec b, 4 kms away I hear a loud bang and I'm thinking I ran over something. Nope, alternator light is on, I go to turn, holy F no power steering and something hits the ground below the car. I pull over, crank pulley exploded. I pick it up and wrestle the car to the warehouse where the 08 is stored. Well positive news I have a spare pulley at home, I have a friend coming to pick me up. Not too bad... also my belt looks hilarious all shredded up.


Now for the worlds simplistic thing that's causing me to go absolutely nuts, it just will not do what's needed. The F'n dipstick tube into the pan on the spec b. I've tried 3 tubes all do the same thing the one is slightly longer but it doesn't change a thing. Is there some magical trick to this or is this some anomaly that just wants to drive me crazy. Anyways here a couple pics and you can see how far ALL of the dipstick tubes go into the pan, so it's constantly leaking...




08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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Electrical connector on ac compressor and timing belt cover okay? The belt can chew into them


Funny, I lucked out all wiring is fine, I got a scuff on the timing belt cover where it rubbed but that's it. Pretty much best outcome I could have had.

08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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