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SLC, UT Grimmspeed pulley tool, TGV motors, Non turbo Flywheel, Coil packs

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Some stuff from after my rebuild. Unless stated otherwise, parts have roughly 153k on them. Everything priced without shipping




Motors from after the TGV deletes. Idk if anyone needs these but the o-rings are good and you can't buy them separately - $10 each




Sold[\B] Coil packs. Replaced all of mine while engine was out. No known problems with them outside of wear and one has a broken tab retainer. The one had rust on separation on the outer fin things so only have 3. - $10 each




Sold to davewaters Grimmspeed Crank pulley removal tool. Mine was stuck real good and this was a life saver, but don't have much storage space - $30




SMFW Excedy FWSBL02FF Non Turbo legacy - new never used. New pilot bearing installed. This is for the NA legacy/outback. I'm dumb and bought the wrong one. Have an extra pilot bearing as well. - $100 will ship but it's heavy










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