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Rear struts and exhaust suggestions 2011 2.5i Premium

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Hi all, I have a 2011 legacy 2.5i with 120k, daily, nothing fancy. it's time to catch up on some maintenance items, so I need some input. The exhaust has a leak just in front of the muffler, and somewhere up front, suspected to be in the manifold.


Exhaust suggestions?


It also needs struts, My mechanic said he has seen a few broken rear springs on these cars and recommended replacing mine at the same time as they are starting to corrode, but are not broken. There aren't many preloaded rear struts for these cars, so the options are Gabriel or FCS for preloaded, or KYB gr-2s with replacement springs...input?


Spring suggestions? I don't want to lower this car.

Is it even worth doing oem or junkyard springs, or should I just pop a new set of struts in?

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OE replacement or exhaust shop repair for your leaks. rockauto.com has OE style replacement mufflers for under $100.



KYB GR-2 for the struts, or you can get a full assembly brand new on rockauto.com from Monroe or FCS which includes springs and top mounts all fully assembled. they are about $100 per corner.

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The RockAuto springs and struts are OEM equivalent for much less, and KYB (the brand of them) is a long trusted suspension manufacturer. The 13/14 struts and springs all around will be an upgrade in handling and ride without lowering. Subaru improved the springs and struts in 2013.
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The lack of pre-loaded rear strut options is probably due at least in part to the fact that you don't have to compress the springs in order to install them. You basically just lift the car up, undo the nut on the top of the shaft (behind the carpet inside the trunk), then disconnect the end link, the lower shock mount, and outer LCA bolt (at the knuckle) and catch the parts before they hit you in the face. Be forewarned, though, that lower shock mount bolt will probably just laugh at you if you hit it with anything less than a decent impact wrench.


OEM '13-'14 springs and shocks are a pretty solid upgrade over the '10-'12 parts, and the KYB parts should be pretty similar given that the OEM parts are actually made by KYB.

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Do you mean 13/14 oem?

If you go with KYB, then I'd get the ones for the 13/14 as well - the part numbers are different, and presumably the valving is stiffer as it is in the 13/14 OEM. (you can also pair them with 13/14 OEM springs for in and around $100)



KYB for the 2010-2012 is 340026 for the back, and 339222/339223 for the front

KYB for the 2013-2014 is 340043 for the back, and 3340106/3340107 for the rear



Alternatively, if you are looking for a more substantial upgrade, Koni's are very nice (have to do the cut a strut for the fronts, which takes some time, though)

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