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TGV Deletes Question

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I have an 05 GT. Im ready to buy the "top feed" IAG TGV replacements knowing that the "Side Feed" are an issue later down the road with tuning. Question is the Phenolic Spacer set with the Nitrile Gaskets... Am I getting the 3mm or 8mm? I am bolting on a Blouch 440 XT with a GS TMIC...Thanks Edited by zangado1
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I believe with the iag they are set up for the American vehicles so either none or 3mm. I think the 8 are primarily for the jdm "deletes."


I'm assuming you're planning to do new fuel injectors and rails and all that stuff right? Tgv shouldn't matter with your turbo unless it's got some super weird set up and I imagine your silicone tb hose is flexible enough for any of them so tmic shouldn't matter either.



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Yeah you would run into issues with clearance on the TMIC with the 8mm, or so I have been told.


I went 3mm as well.


One thing to note on the IAG TGVs is that there are no provisions for the bracket that secures your coolant expansion tank. I think there is a bracket on the driver side too with some grounds, but that is not as difficult of a puzzle to solve.

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