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Can someone recommended a replacement exhaust kit?

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07 legacy limited.


I need to replace the exhaust (cat-back), and there's a million kits from $150 to $1,000. I don't need anything fancy or performance, I just want something comparable to stock. Any recommendations?


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There is a lot of crap out there. I would avoid the 'OEM' Bosal stuff and that other black OEM stuff on ebay. Complete Junk.


I ended up with genuine Subaru midpipe and mufflers. Not cheap but it fit right, will last, looks right and is QUIET!. :) I'm a little mental about keeping the car 100% factory anyway.


The original stuff I took off went thru 15 MN winters and 217k miles. Probably could've lasted another 5 years.

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Agree, I think you'll be happier with a stock type system.


Call a few local auto parts stores and see what they can get.


Most aftermarket will be louder.


There's a sound clip thread in the exhaust forum.


Or go to a local exhaust shop and see what they can do for you.

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Ive got an API Y-pipe connected to Turbo XS axlebacks after everything rusted out. The aftermarket Y-pipe is noticeably louder around what I think is the resonator. Not exactly a nice sound but the TurboXS cans make up for it
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The API cost around 110... Genuine Subaru is around 240. I think it's definitely worth going Subaru OEM.


New genuine mufflers are also around 220ish per side. Which might also be very well worth it, at least for longevity and the quiet.

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I just put the Borla on my car - Excellent fitment and you'll never need another exhaust for the life of the car... If you want aftermarket it's a great option!


I really thought it would be louder - it's actually a nice volume - inside = no louder than factory - sounds really nice from the outside - but not loud in any real sense - and NO DRONE at all (note I also run a catted Invidia Downpipe)

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