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6MT R180 rear differential and MORE!

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Considering selling my r180 rear differential from a 2013 STi. Perfect condition pulled from a vandalized 2013 STi for my 6MT swap and never got around to using it. $SOLD


Also have:

all 4 2013 STi axles $SOLD

All 4 2013 STi 5x114.3 knuckles/ spindles w/ hubs and backing plates. $400 cash picked up

All 4 2013 STi suspension (spring and strut assemblies complete) $250 cash picked up

X2, 2013 STi front control arms $100 cash

05-09 legacy gt/ outback xt, 04+ STi, 06-14 wrx headers and up pipe wrapped. SOLD



Local to Hunt Valley MD. May consider trades for Brembos or esc fab rear diffuser or HKS stanza rear duckbill.








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Please take a moment to read the FS rules at the top of this sub-forum. You'll need to load ready-for-sale photos to the site's server in order to sell items on the site. We DO NOT allow Marketplace pictures to be linked from other websites (tapatalk, photobucket, flickr, imgur, etc..).


Edit your OP, click Go Advanced, click the paperclip icon, browse to your pictures, choose you photo, click Ok, then click Upload. You can also load up to 10 photos of your items before you click Upload. Thread has 24 hours from initial posting to get everything loaded. Do not use the Load Image Process


Picture load walk-through is linked in the rules and found on the Home Page.


If uploading via mobile device, you must access the site from your browser and NOT tapatalk. Pic upload walk-through is located in stickies.

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Email them to yourself, download the picture on your work computer or house computer or load it to some sort of cloud storage or whatever and then you should be able to upload them directly. I think I did email Google drive work computer.



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