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CANADA: 2006 Subaru Legacy OEM Headlights

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Pair of 2006 Subaru Legacy GT headlights. OEM Subaru, not DEPO. Overall in good condition, no cracks in the lens or broken mounting tabs.


The driver's side low-beam bulb holder has a small piece missing, so bulb is held in place with super glue (easier enough to remove with small amount of force). No issues with it coming loose while driving.


Rear cap (light grey cover) on passenger headlight has a small piece broken off (see photo). Does not affect function.


Low beam bulbs are included, signals should be replaced. High beam bulbs NOT included.


Fits 2005-2007 Subaru Legacy (sedan, wagon, 2.5i, GT or Spec-B).


$100 + shipping and Paypal fees. Expect shipping to be $30-$50 depending on your location.








2006 Legacy GT Wagon - Regamasters, Evo X Recaros, STI 6MT, Brembo 6-Pots (in progress)


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What is Depo and what's the difference, please?




Depo is an aftermarket brand like tyc. The main issue I hear for our vehicles is that the projector output is far sub par. Usually with headlights oem is the way to go on any vehicle.



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I'd like to try some JDM HID but, that whole thing is clear as mud like much of the JDM world.


I have a set of JDM HIDs with the levelling switch I'm about to list on here once these arrive. Was gonna put the JDMs on my car but I decided to just buy these ones and retrofit them the way I want instead.

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