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2016 Subaru Legacy Electrical issue please help!!

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My 2016 legacy check engine light came on a while back, I found out that it was the active grille air shutter system loss of connection. I didn’t do anything about it because it didn’t seem like something that absolutely needed to be fixed, I don’t know if it has resulted in these other problems or if it’s just completely unrelated but I thought my battery went out and it tested bad so I got a new one, the new one was dead within a day and a half and so I figured it was the alternator, so I went and got a new alternator and installed it and so I have a good battery and good alternator but my car still won’t start without a jump, I took the battery back in to have it tested and they said that it was good and fully charged, I put the battery back in last night and this morning it wouldn’t start. Somebody help me? It’s making noises (3 clicks) when I try to start it and hooking jumper cables up makes it start right up.
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It is hard to say without being able to do some tests. You should make some voltage measurements. For example check the voltage when you park it for the day then check it the next morning. It should be over 12 volts in each case, then check it again after you try to start it. Unhook the cables, including the one that goes to the starter, and make sure they are clean and free of corrosion. I would get a second opinion on the new battery. If the voltage looks OK and it still won't turn over with the starter it could be a starter or starter relay. Have the codes checked, most auto parts store will do that free. If you can't find anything try to locate a good honest mechanic to look at it.
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you need to get a draw test done.. your active shutter may be drawing power as it tries to move.


This! :icon_arro


Perfect example of why you dont want to ignore a check engine light :) Its possible that the shutter mechanism is stuck or failed and is drawing current. You could get under there an eyeball it. I havent checked but it could have a fuse you could pull to see if the problem goes away.

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I had a rock stuck that wouldnt allow the shutters to close.

Others have reported similar jams in winter due to ice and snow accumulation, although that shouldn't be a common problem since the AGAS shutters are supposed to remain closed at temperatures below 37 F (per the FSM).

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