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Axel back for my 2013 Legacy

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Hi there,


Quick intro, I have a 2013 Legacy 2.5, with a STI mid pipe which has the y for the dual exhaust setup. So in theory it's setup like the 3.6R.


I currently have the Nameless 5" axel back exhaust on it, and as much as I love it, I need something a little quieter for longer trips as the CVT causes a lot of drone which after a couple hours is annoying my wife.


So, the question is, what are some other options I have? I like the look of the Nameless, and id like something similar, just larger mufflers to lower the drone and overall sound.


And with that said, if there are no other viable options, does anyone know where I can get a set of OEM mufflers for the 3.6R setup?


Thanks in advance

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I know Megan Racing used to make a dual axleback for us with a good size muffler on it, but now when I'm looking, all I can find is the single exit for 2.5i. Perrin used to make axlebacks for the 11-14 WRX Sedan that can be made to fit a 5th gen with some hanger bending (in fact, there's a pair for sale in the classifieds right now: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/fl-perrin-axle-backs-280707.html). They're droney on a 3.6R, but more mellow on a 4-cyl. Another option is the Invidia Q300 for the GT, but that's a catback so you might need to replace your midpipe anyways. It is pretty civilized however from everything I've heard.
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