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JDM parts sources?

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In the past I have purchased from japanparts.com - I was curious if there were other places folks use.



One that I came across is partsouq.com - prices/shipping cost seem pretty reasonable for a few small parts... curious if anyone has used them before.

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what I liked about their site was that you could give it a part number and it would pull up the OEM drawing it was from - you don't get that on JapanParts - however, if you tell them what you want, they usually send you a link where you can order whatever you want quickly. I have always bought from them, and usually it's OEM parts, and did again this time around - I was just curious if there were other resources that were better/faster.
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I'm buying spare parts for my car that are taken off from other cars. I can make sure that they are much better! I was watching a lot of videos on youtube about the spare parts and one clever guy was explaining that the original spares that are installed from the factory have bigger resistance than a new one. I'm buying usually spares for my honda accord either from some sailers on jdmbuysell.com or from eBay. I'm just calling the seller and telling him everything I need. Now I'm improving my engine to make it more powerful. Edited by LeoOtrue
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