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New to me 97 2.5GT

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Hello all,


Just picked this boy up for $500 yesterday. It is rough and needs "some" work, but drives very nicely :)

This car is my first AWD, first Subaru, first rusty car. I still need to check the top of the struts...fingers crossed.


on the bright side, it has a new clutch and new head gasket.













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I recently bought the same car. Better shape than yours but it does need new struts, F-L CV Boot assembly and steering rack. My 1st Subaru too. Love the AWD and it's got a bit of a roar to the engine once you hit 4000 RPMs (think my exhaust is aftermarket too), sporty though not as much as Imprezas. 270,000K and hopefully it will survive a while longer.
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Did some cleaning over the weekend. The air vents, cup holder and hazard switch was all very sticky and wasn't moving freely, so I took everything apart and cleaned them. Now they are all smooth and works nicely! Also the center console and front storage area was FILTHY so I cleaned that as well. Took off the rear seats and cleaned the underside. There was dog hair everywhere :(


Next on the list:

1. Rust repair - grind down all the rust, sand, POR15 in under side areas, body filler and paint over the quarter panel.

2. Exhaust - it literally has no exhaust, so I am looking for a cheap exhaust solution. Any recommendations appreciated!

3. New brake rotors and pads - recommendations appreciated! cee6a1eb85a0111ce4c052e58b77f48f.jpg372c88655dc8e23e55446ff3517498ec.jpga038a300b5c8284fc3fac5d2e079e05b.jpga071cbe7ca9c497307442399915880fb.jpg619e38e400ce7395fe7a9cec05e2a765.jpgf44fe2f951eeea33a695a33dd4bcb12b.jpg8dcfef2b460af81aa00561e3443a0222.jpgec682f002b64752d9c79ab918f90a9a2.jpg


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The entire face/vents of the center dash was sticky on my 98 Outback wagon when I got it, as well. Never understood the logic behind hanging a beverage holder above electronics and in within spill zone of the HVAC system.......


Rusty but trusty (I hope).

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