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Deleting CEL and etune options


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So I'm putting my engine back together (08 OBXT 5mt stock build) and hoping to get it in this weekend but have run into a bit of a snag. I'm nearly positive I didn't put the tgv actuators back on correctly. But I don't really want to pull it all back apart to fix it. The butterflies have been removed (so no airflow blockage) but the bars were left in place to try to avoid this problem. I thought it might be easier to just delete the CEL like a full tgv delete.


Here's the problem I run into. I have an obd link mx and Android. I have ios. And I have a chromebook. I don't have an AP or a tactrix and my understanding is 08 can't use vagcom cables. My plan was to run the stock tune through break in and then take it to a local performance shop for a stage 1 reliability tune so I wouldn't have to mess with etuning.


Are my only options to physically fix the tgv motors or get the equipment (borrow a laptop and tactrix) to fix this? I don't plan to get an AP. There's only 91 in my area and it's a dd so I don't see an advantage to switching maps.



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Will your local performance shop do an opensource tune? They could just as easily turn off the TGV error code.


You could just go ahead and have them give you a stage 1 or reliability tune and delete the codes at the same time.

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Yea that may be the route I go. I was under the impression that you want to get through engine break in before you tune. Also the cost. I was hoping to have it tuned before driving utah to Florida in December, but there's also 3 paychecks between now and then.


Maybe I'll give them a call and see if they can get me in next week and if they do open source tunes. I don't have $1k for an AP and tune because I didn't put the tgv motors on correctly.


Am I wrong about wanting to do break in before tuning?



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There's plenty of debate out there on that one.


I can tell you that when my engine was built at Turn in Concepts they put like 50 miles on it before putting it on the dyno. (452whp) Oil change after first start and oil change after 50 miles IIRC.


I would assume that since yours is a stock rebuild, you will be %90 there already with the stock map. You need to ask the tuner and make sure you follow any recommended break in procedure that will keep any warranty you may have intact. (If applicable)


There are not a whole lot of tuners who are willing and capable of doing opensource these days. Most have gotten lazy and basically require you to purchase the AP. Hopefully this isn't your situation.

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