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Intermittent ABS light after wheel change.

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I have winter tires on original rims (97 GT) swapped onto my car recently. The shop said the ABS light came on after a test drive (I was having an inspection done same time so they drove the car) and to see if it comes on again in the future. So I drove it around town and it was fine. Few days later it came on and then went away after restarting the car. Seem intermittent at this point.


Only changes recently was the wheel swap, many rainy days and driving over some potholes on my way to the beach. Also worth noting I was told I gotta replace a front-left axle shaft, and all four struts as well I got a slight leak in the steering rack.


I guess I should get an OBD-II scanner and check for codes but I am wondering if there is a common issue that might throw up an intermittent ABS light I can quickly check.

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I think it might be something like that. I drove it around town just now and no ABS light so my thinking is as you said some gunk around the sensor or perhaps a lose connection. I have the suspension work coming up soon so I'll have the shop check both.



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