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Recirc line installation

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I replaced a turbo on my LGT and have a Perrin Turbo inlet, which was previously installed. What is the magic for getting the recirc tube to attach to the aluminum inlet nipple? The inlet seems to be about 1/2" too far toward the front of the car.

Do I have to rip off my intake?

Is there a reasonable priced aftermarket hose that would work better? This is a return to stock for likely sale so don't want to put a bunch of $ into it.

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I just replaced my aging recirc tube with this one: https://rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk/store/product/145-rcm-samco-bpv-hose-wrx-legacy-gt-05-14


Yes it can be a little pricey coming from the UK. However, it is a quality piece and ships very quickly.


As for installation, removing the intercooler helps a good bit. You basically have to finangle/twist it under the IM until it slips onto the metal nipple of the Perrin inlet. It took a bit of trial and error but did mate up to it pretty quickly. The stiffness of the silicone piece made it pretty easy to slip on to the nipple once I got it lined up. After that it's just trying to get the worm clamp to stay put while you tighten it. It's doable but just takes a little patience.

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You could just measure the inner diameter and go buy some rubber or silicone hosing from wherever. If it's pulled out of the inlet, make sure all the couplers are loose enough. I spent a while shoving and swearing just to figure out the clamp on the inlet was the tiniest bit too tight. Loosened it some and it slipped right in.



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