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Fine Knock learn+DAM questions


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Hey guys I have an 05 lgtwith a vf52, injectors, revnine ic, mishi radiator and some other odds and ends. 2 days ago I noticed about 3 minutes into driving that my DAM reading was at .875. I stopped and checked the car over for anything obvious and when I fired it back up it had returned to 1. However, after that happened I noticed that occasionally letting off the throttle, even while not in boost and just cruising, that my fine knock learn will jump up to about negative 5-8 for a split second. It also would very occasionally hold around -5 or -6 for a couple seconds at certain rpms/loads. I’m rather new to Subaru’s so I’m not sure exactly what this could mean and from what I’ve read sometimes a fine knock reading means nothing and is normal but I’d rather have the motor not pulling timing on me. Anyone have advice on how to go about this issue?
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Have you reached out to your tuner? They may be able to review and tell you if its something of concern.


Its hard to tell without seeing a log, we are happy to do a quick review for ya to see if its normal operation or something that looks odd.


Go ahead and shoot us an email at cryotuneperformance@yahoo.com and we can discuss your options as well.




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