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Punch Pin stuck in Shifter Linkage

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I would put vise grips on the top of the punch. Put them on real tight at a right angle to the punch, but be careful not to break off the punch. Then use something to act as a small hammer like a 15mm or 17mm wrench or a tack hammer. Slide it up the punch away from the hole so that it hits the vise grips. With some time and lots of light hits you should be able to drive the punch up out of the hole.


There is supposed to be two roll pins in there. One fits inside the other. Perhaps you drove both out together, or perhaps someone else was in there ahead of you and didn't understand why there were two and they only put the big one back?

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I didn't see a 2nd pin come out which is why i tried to punch it out after i got the inner one. (Or so i thought, I used a smaller punch).


The punch head is what is stuck. So it can only come out from the bottom, not the top.



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