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New Clutch - Engine Lugging?

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I had my transmission rebuilt after blowing up my reverse gear (https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/just-blew-up-my-reverse-gear-278968.html?t=278968)



They replaced the clutch with a full kit as well and said it was pretty worn / some hot spots on the flywheel. I have been driving MT's for a long time but am self-taught and probably a bit of a clutch slipper, so I am trying to be better about it now...



I noticed now that there is a terrible rattling noise at low RPM's in 1st/2nd gear, like when taking a right turn in 2nd and accelerating out of it. It seems I need to be well above 2k RPM's at any point of engagement to avoid it.




Could it be that the new clutch, because it doesn't slip as much as the old, is causing the engine to lug at RPM's that were "fine" with my old clutch?



Is there anything else that would cause this noise?

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When I did my engine build this winter, my clutch had hot spot too and looked relatively new. The hot spots are magnified or caused by the clutch damper. It's made to slip the clutch for a "smooth" engagement and therefore causes hot spots in the plate.


Can you get an example of the noise? It's easier to diagnose with sound over words.


I guess the first thing I would look for is loose heat shields.

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My RPM drop to 1500rpm on a normal 1-2 shift and my rpm are down around 1000 when I engage the clutch in 1st or R. My car doesn't make any noises from lugging at those rpm and low speeds. If a shop did the clutch, I would bring it back. Maybe they did not properly torque the flywheel or something else is loose.
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She's at the dealer for the e-brake recall right now, so I'm going to bite the diagnostic-fee-bullet and see what they say about the noise. I won't be paying them to fix it, so I'll get a video of the sound and report back what I learn...
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