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Mevotech vs. UltraPower - is there a difference?


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Just got Teins for the Outback and am working on getting the other stuff I need for the project, I've been researching LCA bushings and was hoping for a little advice.


First, I'm using Tein Flex Z and plan to put them at the top of their ride height (independent adjustment from spring preload) with .75"F/1"R spacers, so I should end up at just above OEM LGT ride height, which means I should get to skip just about all the Legacy parts swapping I read about here since I'm not going low: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/info-ob-gt-suspension-geometry-removing-spacer-180579.html


I also know that the 2011-14 STi used upgraded spherical bearings, seen here, that should fit our front control arms; I emailed them to confirm OEM part number: https://www.fastwrx.com/collections/bushings-and-end-links/products/front-lower-control-arm-rear-bushings-2011-2014-sti


Plenty of people just buy a new set of Mevotechs to skip the bushing/press BS and because they are lighter aluminum, however when I searched Mevotech's part number RockAuto also showed an UltraPower set that look identical, except they are $30 cheaper per side. Does anyone know about UltraPower? The UltraPower description makes it sound like they are just rebranded Mevotechs...


UltraPower: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8445624&jsn=3


Mevotech: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=6506949&jsn=4

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Just to update, I got Dorman 524-595 and 596 control arms, these are aluminum replacement STi control arms with the revised 2011-14 sealed rear OEM pillowball bushings, and they also have new balljoints and front bushings. Troll a bit on Google Shopping, eBay, and some other sites, I got them for ~$208 shipped but they average ~$120 per side.




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Dorman parts have been really hit or miss in my experience, hope those work well for you.


Not sure if there is a difference in the Mevos and Ultra outside of cosmetics. Perhaps have different ball joint and bushing suppliers...

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I just installed the mevotech alumnium control arms in my 05 obxt. For the money you can't beat them. First they are aluminum and second the bushings appears to a solid rubber which supposedly last longer and provides more stiffness and they come with new ball joints. I would definitely recommend these.
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I have the mevotechs on my car. the bushings were shot after about 1 year. I had the bushings replaced with whiteline urethane bushings. the car tracks a lot better with the urethane bushings compared to the solid rubber bushings even when they were new (and the solid rubber was much better than stock). with the urethane bushings, noticeably less steering input is needed. if I were doing it again, I'd ditch the rubber bushings from the start.
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