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'15 Switchback LED Turn/DRL Conversion Confirm

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Sick of not having some kind of LED DRL going in Auto mode on my '15 Legacy. Been digging through the threads, and just want to confirm what I think I need to do/buy for converting my front signal lights to switchback LED's to also do DRL in that spot.



Switchback LED - https://www.theretrofitsource.com/7443-morimoto-x-vf-led.html?preselect=52041

7443 socket - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008DY5GDQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1LGDXCZMXB2CW&psc=1#customerReviews



-Chop off old 7440 sockets

-Wire up new 7443 sockets to 7440 wiring, to light up turn signals again

-Tap other 7443 socket wire into the 2 outside pins of the Legacy DRL resistor harness

-Install new 7443 bulbs


Is this right?


Also, do I need resistors? If so, do I need a pair for both the turn signal AND the DRL, or just one or the other?


I have some test LED's in the high-beam/DRL spot right now, with no resistors, and I don't seem to have issues. Also have some in the fogs and don't have issues.


Seems like they're recommended for the turn signal, but I've never been 100% clear.




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I just did conversion.



This is NOT a Subaru recommended modification.

You are doing this to your own car.

Just because I did it, you may still screw up.

YOU assume ALL liability for any results.

If you can do that, by all means, proceed, and enjoy your cool, new Legacy switchback DRL/Turn signals!


I wanted a fully reversible install, so used the following


Dielectric grease in all sockets and joints, to prevent corosion (I live in PHX area, so not a real issue) (don't over-do it)


resistor (need to solder pigtail to leads. this one worked on my car. You may need a 12 OHM, instead)



7440 pigtail plug (Use care to match the black lead of the 7440 pigtail to the minus lead of the stock 7440 turn signal socket)



7443 pigtail socket (trim off the small key nubs on the socket to fit into the stock 7440 turn signal housing)



LED Amber/white switchback (carefully install in the pigtail socket. It is snug. wiggle a bit, DON'T FORCE IT)




Remove the rubber seal from the stock 7440 connector, and place on the modified (see above) 7440 pigtail socket.

Test the LED to identify the GROUND, AMBER, AND WHITE leads by carefully plugging into the 7443 pigtail socket, and using jumpers to apply 12VDC to the socket leads.

Connect the 7443 GROUND lead to the BLACK lead of the 7440 pigtail plug.

Connect the 7443 AMBER lead to the SIGNAL lead of the 7440 pigtail plug.

Connect the 25 OHM (or 12 OHM, your choice (6 OHM gets HOT!!!, and is not necessary)) from the pigtail GROUND lead, and the pigtail SIGNAL lead, and seal up.



CAREFULLY plug the 7440 pigtail into the stock 7440 signal socket (DON'T FORCE IT). Be sure to match the 7440 pigtail BLACK lead to the stock 7440 GROUND side.

Connect the remaining 7443 lead to a wire and route it safely to the driver's side of the car. Connect it to the appropriate DRL lead on the DRL socket (driver's side, straight down behind headlight pod). You can use a blade terminal, or trim one leg from a forked (bifurcated) crimp on terminal, and it will plug right into the DRL socket. (be sure to use dielectric grease)


CAREFULLY twist the modified 7443 socket into the signal pod.


Have an assistant help you prove all functionality.


ENJOY your new bling! :woowoo:


(pix, video to follow) (I'm still trying to figure out how to share videos)


Testing the assembly under the hood.




Installed results










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