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Lifting the LGT

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I was originally going to lower the LGT but after attending boxerfest and seeing some nice lifted Subi's im going up. I know the Outback suspension is crap. Looking for other options for lifts. Are parts from the outback interchangeable? Thanks guys.
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I had a lifted 05 LGT Wagon. It had direct swapped outback suspension. I believe there is a NASOIC thread somewhere with all the suspension compatibility across all models available. I wish i could tell you more but i bought it with the lift. The car was my favorite I ever owned... I loved the lift!
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I lifted my 04 lgt, 2inches. Moved to Kodiak Alaska I was hitting everything lol after the lift I was fine. Ordered stock 04 outback springs and coils, bolted right up no problems. I was reading after 3in it starts to mess with your suspension. The front ended up a little higher than I want then came down a little after everything settled.


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.... know the Outback suspension is crap. ...


It's not crap, it's what you SHOULD do first if you want to lift the thing. Using other lift kits you'll just loose suspension travel, and cause bottoming out issues on your rear shocks.


Use OEM outback or Kind springs, and new outback KYB struts. If that's not enough, THEN start looking at spacing it up.

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