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Personally I can not tell if it is from top or bottom. I would take it back to the shop that did your rebuild (if you got it done through a shop ofcourse). If not take it to a mechanic you trust and have them diagnose. Hopefully nothing too serious.
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It kind of sounds like the sound went away when you revved the engine. It's a shot in the dark, but I wonder if the timing belt tensioner is no good and rattling. Maybe see if the sound is coming from that area.


The tensioner with the blue pulley can make a knocking sound as it bounces up and down

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Could use a stethoscope to probe around the engine to see where the noise is loudest?

Something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Mechanics-Stethoscope-Diagnostic-Automotive-Hearing/dp/B07HGB2V13/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3?keywords=engine+stethoscope&qid=1552302270&s=industrial&sr=1-3-fkmrnull

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