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Water pump- Impreza vs. Legacy EJ22

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Hi all,


Long time lurker first time poster. I've got a water pump dilemma-


Gates offers timing kit for n/a EJ22 '99 Impreza/Foz/Outback (TCKWP304) that comes with water pump 42207. Gates claims this kit does not fit the same year/motor Legacy, and does not offer a complete component kit for said Legacy.

Gates also offers timing kit, minus water pump, for the same application (TCK304) that fits Impreza/Foz/Outback AND Legacy.

Gates rep. confirmed that water pump 42207 does is their listed, proper fit for '99 EJ22 Legacy.

Gates wants $124.15 for non-water pump kit TCK304

Gates wants $177.61 for water pump containing kit TCKWP304

Gates wants $44.68 for water pump 42207 if bought individually.

Gates wants $55 for water pump 42207 if bought with timing component kit.

So its cheaper to buy the pump outside of the timing kit...When I mentioned this the Gates representative got a little huffy, and I gained a suspicion that either Gates has an incorrect part, or we have a legitimate discrepancy here.


Contacted my friends at Center Subaru, and verified via their parts page that they have two different pumps listed for the '99 EJ22 AT Legacy (21111AA110) and the '99 EJ22 AT Impreza/Outback/Foz (21111AA007)...... the representative told me that the only info he had was that when he hovered his cursor over the part number for the Legacy, it told him that the one from the Impreza wouldn't work, and that there is indeed a $30+ difference that he couldn't clarify. We used the full VIN number as reference.


Can anyone clarify the difference? Bolt patterns and everything look the same, casting looks the same. Unfortunately, I only have the factory Legacy water pump here in my hands with no "Impreza" pump to compare it to.

Gates uses the same pump for all four models, so does Aisin and all the other aftermarket manufacturers on RockAuto and the like. r/hmmm This is just kinda bizarre, want the right pump, don't wanna get ... screwed?

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both fit my 2001 with a EJ251


Amazon says 21111AA007 will not fit a 98 legacy L with a 2.2

Rock Auto sells the same aftermarket pumps for a 2.2 as the do for 2.5 of the same year.

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I just came up on this thread through a search and figured I would chime in for folks searching in future:


110 - made in USA and from the pictures it looks like the nose pulley is steel

107 - made Japan and nose pulley is aluminum

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