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Ignition cylinder assembly replacement.(lost key)

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So I have a fully built 05 LGT that sat for a while and in the process of moving to my new house I've misplaced not only the key but, both remotes as well. The remotes are for the Viper security//remote start system I had installed. My original key I received when I bought the car wasn't one of the keyphob keys. Just a plain key with the black Subaru logo top. My question is..... since I can probably find at least one of the keyless remotes, what exactly would I need to replace to be able to start my car again? I dont need the factory security system remotes due to it being all the Viper system so, do I just need to hop on Ebay and get a used ignition cylinder setup that includes 2 keys? I wouldn't think I would need anything reprogrammed since I dont ever use the factory remote. (It didnt come with one anyway,) but I'm not sure. I'll include a link to what I'm referring to. Also, if I am able to just buy the cylinder assembly with keys, does it have to be for an 05? Or are some years interchangeable?



Item I'm referring to. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ignition-Switch-With-Key-OEM-05-06-07-Subaru-Legacy-Auto-P-n-88215AG00A-R293723/332952132500?epid=1511286851&hash=item4d857e5b94:g:mkUAAOSwkHxcFAhG

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Your car has a factory immobilizer, (transponder chip in main key), that you will have to deal with. The easy way is to get a programmed, working key at dealer. Switch replacement would involve a trip to dealer to set up, mismatched door locks, and could make key recovery in the future difficult.

You have added a remote start. A transponder signal that matches the key is required for your aftermarket Viper remote start feature to work. I remember installing earlier remote starts, I had to mimic the car keys transponder by mounting a wire ring antenna behind the ign switch, and it got plugged into a small box, (DEI written on it?) which held one of your cars keys. There are a few other ways to cheat transponders, not all require a physical key, but one of them has to have been done. Wouldn't it be a riot if your cars key was behind your dash in a little box this whole time.


You should be able to get a ready-to-go key at dealers parts dept. Bring your VIN, ID, registration for them to do anything.

Here is a detailed link regarding all Subaru keys and the process of making them.


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Ready to start key at the dealer?




Not if it's a GT. Base model 05 Legacy, yes. . . GT or 3.0R had immob and it has to be programmed through the diagnostic port before the car will start.


A well-equipped auto locksmith can do the whole job for you or you can tow it to the dealer. Only DIY option you can attempt is to replace the ECU, BIU, cluster, and ignition lock/key as a matched set all from the same donor car. . . which is nuts. Also the ignition lock is bolted to the column with shear-head bolts so just getting them off is kind of a sucky job.


If the Viper remote start is intact and functional, and assuming you can find one of the remotes for it or program a replacement (programming those is possibly a DIY job provided you can find the programming button), you could get the transponder key cut by VIN at the dealer (will presumably have the right cuts but the chip won't be programmed to your car) and use the Viper remote to command a remote start, then get in and unlock the column with the cut-by-vin key.


You will have to start it using the Viper remote every time until you drive somewhere to have the key you got from the dealer programmed. . meaning either at the dealer or at a locksmith with the kit to do so.

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