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P0463 CEL After Fuel Pump Install

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I have a 2009 Legacy GT that I just finished rebuilding the engine on. One of the upgrades I did was replacing the fuel pump with a DW65c. Upon startup today the car popped a CEL with the code P0463 - Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Input. The fuel gauge is below E and the gas light is blinking.


I am not sure if it matters, but I did also accidentally overfill the gas tank. Is it possible I broke the sensor when changing the fuel pump? I thought I was very careful with it. I was also thinking the float may be stuck, because I do recall it being a bit tight of a fit when tightening down the nuts.


I appreciate any help.




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Thanks for the quick reply.


That does sound possible. I already checked and cleaned the connector that goes on top of the pump by the fuel lines but the problem is still there. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I burn about half the tank before I can pull the pump housing again to check the other connectors.


If I did somehow break the sensor or the float is it easy to replace just those or would I need a new housing?

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