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Which oil pressure sensor.

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Found I was a quart low this morning. LGT has been eating oil. I am looking into putting a oil gauge in the car since the stock doesn't tell you until its too late. Not sure which sensor to go with or what thread type I need. NPT or BSPT? I was hoping there is a kit i can just buy with it all included. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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I would find a good direct reading oil pressure gauge from Summit or Jegs, etc.


IMO keep it simple, no electronics, you will get a good reading that you can check every time the engine is at idle.


Just do a google search and see what pops up. You'll find prices from $15 - XXX. They will all read oil pressure, just find one that fits your budget.

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I just have a cheap autoguage rip off one in my Toyota. It works well but the senders are pretty cheap and its hard to get a decent quality one as well. Mine lasted like 8 years but its pretty close to the Turbo downpipe so what else would you expect.


Would stick to electronic and it needs to be done properly or else you could create the very situation your trying to avoid.


Very useful to have as it verify s not only the oil pump but the oil bypass valve. Also good for monitoring the viscosity of you oil and general engine health.

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I've got one, but how would it tell if you're low? Once, I went really beyond the LOW dot (dipstick barely wet on the tip) but the gauge was showing normal readings, and when I topped up - no change in readings.


You should not get in that situation, you need to check the oil level now and again. The pressure gauge is for sudden loss of oil pressure or your sump plug drops out. Its handy to have both the gauge and the stock oil pressure warning light for redundancy/double check. If the gauge is zero and the dash light is on you had better stop the engine real quick.

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I think OP wants an oil "level" gauge. I've not seen one aftermarket. Some of the newer cars have them as OE but not seen one you can add to an existing car.


Yes but they are typically unreliable even if its factory fitted. Its far easier to just pull out the dipstick and check it and its pretty fail safe unless your blind.

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