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vf52 turbo fitting

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so I'm in the process of getting all of my parts for my vf52 swap on my 05 lgt. I ordered the up pipe from Ebay for about 40$ and was told that it would fit the vf52. I got my vf52 in the mail today and the up pipe does not line up with the turbo. is there a difference in size from the vf40 to the vf52? is it because I bought a cheap up pipe? is it both? I need some help469f96bd88755f69e4fd5d58349a584f.jpg


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I guess the million dollar question here is are you planning on doing the work yourself or having a shop do it? In the pic you are comparing the turbo to intercooler flange to the up pipe to exhaust manifold flange. Don’t take this the wrong way...We’re here to help but ya kinda need to know some basics first. Google is your friend.
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Sorry to LAUGH but you may want to flip the turbo over and the up pipe over and see if the 5 bolt flange's match up.


Another tip when it comes time to assemble, do not use the studs in the up pipe. I use bolts that I got from the parts guys at the dealership. Just tell them you want 5 bolts that bolt the up pipe support bracket to the block.


Leave the turbo loose on the up pipe until you have the tmic and TB hose lined up and turbo inlet hose to turbo, and tightened. Then tighten the 5 bolts and put the down pipe on.



Use anti-seize compound on all bolt threads and nut threads. Do not over tighten the bottom nut on the DP flange. You need a open end 14mm wrench for it. if you over tighten it...you will pay for that mistake the next time you try to remove it.


Install a new oil return hose from turbo to back of head.


Remove the filter in the banjo bolt for the turbo oil feed from the back of the head while the up pipe is out.


Lot's to learn, ask us before you do something.


I think you can see pictures on my turbo bolted to the up pipe in my "click Here" link in my sig below.


Here, I'll make it easy, see post's 125, 134 & 146



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