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Need advice engine swap

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So I swapped my 2007 legacy gt engine with rod knock for one on 2008 legacy gt with a Ej257 that was previously put in that has 20k before I swapped I was driving that legacy for a week and ran great had good compression each cylinder.


When pulled the engine from the 2008 legacy I pulled it with the whole wiring harness and intake when I put it in my 2007 legacy and set everything up when I go to start it the car just cranks and doesn’t want to turn over any advice on why this is happening?


I need help and would like someone to message me for technical support.



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Did you try reading codes via OBD?


Also check sensor readings with that, see what the ECU thinks the coolant temp is, etc.


I'd also look at the wiring diagram for the engine harness and check if the pinout looks different.


I'm not certain of the differences between the 2 years, I probably would have just swapped the long block but kept the original intake and harness.


Sounds like a wiring incompatibility.

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