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Help identifying part 2013 Legacy

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Hey guys, was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the part is circled in these photos? Couldn't find any schematics that had it listed. I had some work done by a dealership on a couple recall items, trying to see whether anything they did might have been responsible for affecting it. I believe it is this part that is making this high pitch whine, sometimes even clicky sounding (almost like its going out) - and this is not running, just in the on position with the key.


The dealership totally did a crap job on my vehicle, screws not screwed in, ripped out a wire and partially unseated one of the wire connectors... my trunk release button doesn't work (works on the key) and I already check the glove box trunk release lock. That's on top of not using any seat covers and they got dirt and grease all over the seats, door, glovebox... what a joke. The recall work was for the wiper motor cover and passenger side airbag.


Anyway, thanks for the help!



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forgot to add the photos!
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Normal, my car does the same thing, it's the throttle body. @2:23 you can hear the same sound, though I know it's a 4th gen in his video.



Okay, thank you! That gives me some relief after all these other issues I'm dealing with from the dealership. Any idea why it makes noise when the car isn't actually running? Seems odd to me...

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A high-pitched whine is normal, but it usually can't be heard with the hood closed. The "clicking" you might be hearing is it calibrating itself (goes to full open and back). Its usually only once per key cycle, but it may do it repeatedly if there's dirt causing problems in there.
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Throttle body duty cycle of the servo inside of it. Its normal, both my Legacy and my Forester make that sound with the engine off and key on.

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