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6MT swap Rear Diff question


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So I was reading through the 6MT swap threads and had a few questions about the rear diff options.


I'm most interested in recipe B. My understanding is that the newer transmissions use a 3.54 rear diff, hence my choices are using the 02-05 wrx r160s, in which case I could keep my stock rear axles, or going with the spec B R180, which means I would need spec B axles.


So the questions:

1) Would any rear from any wrx from 02-05 work? I was looking on ebay and very few people list specifics about the rear diff.


2) What about the 06-07 STI rear diffs? Since they're 3.54 I would presume they could work? Would the issue then be finding appropriate rear axles/drive shaft?

- I saw a partial answer later in the master swap thread but didn't quite understand it


3) Anybody have the hookup with a vendor that could streamline used parts for a 6MT swap? I tried the link on the master swap thread and the site for 6MT swap kits was dead.


Thanks to any who could give some guidance

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I'm looking at the parts diagrams online, and final drive ratios and what-nots online. As far as I can tell the rear diff on the 02-05 WRXs seem to be the same on the 05-09 LGTs, however, the LGTs from 05-06 have different Final Drives than the 07-09 (per the gear ratios sticky).


Assuming the 5 speed manual uses a 1.1 center diff, would that mean the 07-09 LGTs also use a 3.54 r160?

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Okay I dug through subaru parts catalogs a little more:


- The LGT 05-06 MY use a 4.11 drive (27011AA731)

- The LGT 07-09 MY use a 3.90 drive (27011AA880)

- This seems to cover the NA Legacy's from 05MY, and the 07-09 LGT's, which seems odd

- The WRX from 03 use a 3.54 drive (27011AA690)

- Per the Part number, this covers both NA Imprezas and the WRX's from 02-05 with manual transmissions, and 02-03 MY with ATs


So from the book-work so far, the stock rear 07-09 LGT rear doesn't seem to be feasible, but the rear diff from any 02-05 Impreza would work... Sorry for additional posts, still trying to sort out all the thoughts on paper before deciding on whether or not this project makes sense to try out.

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