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Suspension questions

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I really hope I don’t get screamed at for askingthis. But I’m still new to the 5th gen legacy’s and had a question...


So hear is the deal. My 2010 gt needs some suspension love. I think I have a bad top hat and was just going to change it all out since mine have 125k... my question is are the 13 abs 14 shocks worth doing? And should I use everything from those years like the springs and top hats?? 3.6r or a 2.5?? Thanks in advance!!

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I put new 2014 3.6R springs and struts on my '10. They're great. A little stiffer/less boaty than before, but not like an aftermarket spring setup. It now feels like it should have from the factory.

Everything directly swaps over, so you're good to use the '14 stuff.

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