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If you weren't aware of the good news my lgt is in good health and runs again now so now it's moving onward and upward with getting a FMIC for it since I have the JDM revA-C conversion done and alost the scoop.


Here's what I've seen from others...rev9 and the turboXS kits appear to "bolt in" with some modifications needed for the passenger side with alternative couplers and angles or piping.


HOWEVER I want to focus this on the cores and manufacturers I should be considering. A 26in x 9.5in x 3.5in core is what we k ow DOES fit. Here's some alternatives I'm considering...


turboXS of course... 26x9.5x3.5 cost$1195



COBB...a little bigger. 30" x 10.35" x 3.5" cost $1395



ProcessWest....24.4x10.8x3.5 cost$1422



Mishimoto....28x8.25x3.5 total cost$940



Perrin...28” long x 9.25” tall x 3.5”



What else should I be considering? Any biased against one brand or another?

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Aside from cores, how are people connecting the charge pipe to the turbo? I know Sarang used the RacerX charge pipe piece, but for someone with a stock charge pipe what are the options?
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Cobb... 30" x 10.35" x 3.5"



I guess we do not KNOW that it fits, but it seems like it would since the other ones for the 11-14 WRX do, and you can't beat Cobb for brand recognition.


EDIT: Stupid me, Cobb is second on the list... Although I do think that since you're going to have to cut pipes anyways, you may as well just buy the intercooler core & support and then fab up the pipes yourself.

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So I don't have the link on hand, but there's a guy on nasioc who tested his STI with no intercooler and meth injection (virtually no piping from turbo to TB) vs a big FMIC and reported no noticeable difference at all in spool and response time. I also noticed that my car feels exactly the same with my FMIC. Based on this, I would suggest that you go with the biggest core that will fit nicely. I find the Perrin one visually pleasing, it's nice and clean looking.


I also like the idea of a large custom FMIC and bar that matches the radiator more or less, with a little sheet metal ducting so that all the air has to go through the fmic before the rad. A man can dream...


I think that the Cobb measurement might be for the whole intercooler, not just the core. 30" seems bigger than what I see in the picture.


Fitting 2.5" piping was challenging (although it did work) right by the battery/headlight, so going with 2.25" right there might be better.


FYI I really do not want to start a debate about FMIC and spool/response. I think that's already been covered pretty extensively here and on nasioc.

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You stated on your first post that the passenger side needs to be altered.

Unfortunately, for me, I reused my entire racerX charge pipe to fit around completely to the fmic core. Thus, this was the easiest and done within 5mins of the install.

The only alteration I had to do was on the driver side, right after the core.


Till this day, turbo xs has been running well and for a buddy of mine as well!


Though, keep in mind. You will be having slight cooling issues with the massive Fmic core in the way of the radiator. 5-7degrees hotter than normal. I was able to lower it alittle with a aluminum radiator upgrade, and looking to get some slim fans for better coolant capability.

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I was meaning the drivers side. I already have the RacerX charge pipe.




If this helps.. I would get a core that is 5” longer then turbo xs

Unless you like the look of the end tanks showing

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Hopefully not off topic, but are there any cores that don't require losing the OEM crash beam?


My custom front mount setup incorporates an AMS crash beam for 08-14 STI. Not sure if they still make them or not. Any crash beam made for GR models should fit our car but it's hard to say if it would work with another production intercooler kit.

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The Cobb offering seems to me the widest. I found a universal spearco unit as well. Maybe it's too small



That would be pretty narrow compared to what I have. My Vibrant 12810 is 30" wide x 9.25" high x 3.25" thick. The couplers on the inlet/outlet are visible at the front bumper opening, piping is not.


Spearco does make good cores though. I would look for something from Spearco, Treadstone or Vibrant. Vibrant's dimensions worked well for me and with their included brackets it provided a solid mounting solution with them welded onto the AMS crash beam. Not to mention it was an easy solution for me to figure out and mock up...I am no fabricator by any means!

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Ebo03 what size of piping are you using?
I also used the first piece of the Racer X charge pipe from the turbo outlet, which I believe is 2". Everything else is 2.25". In my journal I detailed every angle of piping, couplers, etc.


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