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Ideas for Restoring my BE5

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So I picked up a 3rd gen a few months back with 171k on it and since then I have:

-replaced the motor

-replaced the axles

-replaced exhaust

-serviced transmission

-replaced headlights

-purchased an outback front bumper to swap

-purchased new wheels


Car is running great but theres a lot more I want to do to this as I am loving this little L more and more every day. Its not the prettiest legacy so I want to keep restoring it and upgrading as I go. Here are the things I need some ideas on:


-what years and models of subarus can I swap seats from? I heard that any 1st 2nd or 3rd gen legacy or impreza seats will fit (looking for all seats not just front)

-can i swap a 3rd gen outback suspension directly in for a small lift? If so, does it need to be from the sedan or wagon and if either, is there a height difference

-is there a way to cover the fog light holes in the outback bumper? mine came without fogs and it looks like there is a large opening above where the light goes that can let in rain and salt from the road



Now for the future, here are my crazy questions:


-I have an ej205 that I want to swap in, will that mate to the automatic transmission, or, is there an auto trans that will fit with a 205? I know a 205 fits because someone has done it but they went with a 5speed manual and I'd like to stay with the 4eat, or 5eat if one fits.

-has anyone ever swapped an ej255 in there? I was thinking that the drivetrain from an 08 narrowbody may be close to spec, albeit with custom mounts and all that fun jazz


Thanks for reading!

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I think most impreza seats will fit in the front. The back seats basically have to come from a 3rd gen but the front seats are pretty interchangeable. I have 2007 wrx seats in my 2nd gen and the 3rd gen has the same bolt pattern
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I don't know specifically what does work aside from the previously mentioned but I do know for a fact 4th gen legacy seats do not work, they have a unique bolt pattern, but other than that, pretty much everything is a direct swap.
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You don't need anything special mechanically to put an EJ205 into a BE. The drivetrain from a WRX is still pretty much the same as what you already have, nothing special with the axles or anything. If your BE is a GT model, it already has the rear LSD that a WRX would come with, for example.


The tricky part has always been the wiring merge and tuning the swapped engine, and that's moreso of how tedious it is than anything else.


And as far as best Subaru seats to fit your car, 02-03 WRX seats are the best IMO. The later STI and WRX seats look more fancy, but the bolstering and support were reduced to fit the extra girth of most American drivers.

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