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Rear strut problem

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Hello everyone I am having a rear strut problem. I replaced all four struts with the sensen brand for the legacy before I had Wrx struts and coils and on the rear I added was a saggy butt spacers. Now with these new sensen rear struts I have Wrx springs and saggy butt spacers but they are rubbing on the side wall. (Pictures given)


I've read other NASIOC forms unsure if they talk about this happenig unless I am blind. And I missed it..


also I want to add on the top of the struts the arrow is pointing out also.

Old struts were not rubbing.

Hopefully images added upload.



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I have the same problem, its because you're running Legacy or Outback struts on the wrong car, either legacy struts on an outback or outback struts on a legacy. I just took my strut out and hammered the spot it rubs, there's not much you can do about it otherwise.
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