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Suspension Help and Guidance

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The 170k mile, stock suspension in my car, has deteriorated to the point I dislike driving it. It's clunky, squeaky and my front struts are leaking... hardly the car it 'could' be.


I picked up some used JDM struts and springs that I have yet to install.



These have been sitting on my shelf for the past few months while I've gone back and forth trying to figure out what else to do to the suspension while I've got it apart. Where I'm having trouble is determining what useful upgrades to make while getting the most bang for my buck. This isn't a race car. Granted, if there was an upgrade I could make that produced a dramatically improved handling experience (such as an anti-lift kit maybe?)--I'd be all for it.


I'm thinking I'd like to replace just about every bushing in the front and rear suspension. I don't mind mixing and matching OEM and aftermarket parts. I also have access to a shop press if that has any impact on your guidance.


Has anyone else refreshed their suspension and maybe done a few upgrades that can chime in?


Part numbers for the above struts:



2036521010R (2)


I also don't know how much these strut/spring combo might lower my car. I tried searching the above part numbers but there's not a lot out there.


There's also already a rear Whiteline sway bar if it helps.


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I agree with tysparks81.


I was going to say if you're handy then go for the front lower control arms. Those Mevotech ones are pretty solid and inexpensive with all new bushings already pressed into them.


MOOG end links (easy to find at rockauto.com) are a popular replacement for the stock end links. They're beefy but still relatively inexpensive.


But yeah sounds like a lot of bushings.

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Well... finally getting around to tearing the car apart. The suspension is out--parts are off being powdercoated and I'm figuring out all the odds and ends I still need to complete the job


FSM suggests replacing the lock nuts at various locations around the car. Is this strictly necessary?

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PM m sprank he's kind of an expert on this type stuff. You can buy from him too. He got a lot of our Koni/Epic Spring set up years back.

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